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Episode 3

Jon Logan's Story: Old Soul, Young Soul



Jon Logan is the producer, editor, muscial composer, and visual guide of the Logan Kinei Podcast.  In our third episode, Jon discusses his experiences about how growing up as the younger brother of James has strongly influenced his life to this point.  He was always about 5 years younger than the rest of the group he hung out with, and even 10 years younger then the rest of the first band he was in as a teenaager.  In high school, he was going to school with everyone else but then on the weekends playing big shows like Bamboozle Music Festival and Philadelphia's Power 99 'Powerhouse" concert at the Wells Fargo center, opening for acts like Miguel and Meek Mill.  He has seemingly followed in James' footsteps, but not in the shadows, as an equal in most senses.  But now, as Jon is finishing his last semester in college, he is starting to forge his own path in life.  He opens up about all of this, as well as his experiences in as a musician, college, and his creative process in general.  We also go a bit deeper into meditation, awareness, and social norms/expectations. 





Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee

Podcast Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan

Videos edited by Jon Logan


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References mentioned in the podcast:

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Walden by Henry David Thoreau


Rupert Spira

Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse