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Episode 9

Understanding Labels






Today, we, Shaun and James, discuss labels.  Why do humans always feel the need to label everything? Whey are we always chasing an explanation or always feel the need to "understand" something?  When the truth is, the understanding we seek and the questions we ask will never give us the true answer.  The answer lies within ourselves and within the understanding of awareness or pure consciousness.  Seeking external validation of labels that are words made up by humans to describe things that are made up by humans only going to cloud one's true nature.  We also touch on 'one love' and on some teachings that inspired us the week of the recording.  We also talk about awareness, pure consciousness.


Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee

Podcast Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan

Videos edited by Jon Logan


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References mentioned in the podcast:

I Am That - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

A Course in Miracles

Rupert Spira

I Am Discourse


Rich Roll Podcast with Mike Posner

Deepak Chopra

Luminous Life - Jacob Israel Liberman