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Episode 7

Scientific Evidence: Is it Really that Important?





In today's episode, we discuss science!  Controversely, Shaun tends to not care much about scientific evidence.  Evidence, in some kind of form, is necessary to know what works and doesn't work, but does it have to really be scientifically proven?  Does statistically proven really coorelate to the entire population on earth?  Isn't science just a way for humans to try to explain what they don't understand?  Science is always changing, just look at nutrition and food.  There is constantly new information being found that is contradicting the old.  Shaun believes that science can not prove everything in life, on earth, and in the universe, as it is really only limited by our own minds.  So, then why do we weigh so heavily on scientific studies and scientific evidence to determine the choices we make in our own life? These are some of the questions that Shaun, James, and Jon attempt to answer, with their own opinions, in this episode of The Logan Kinei Podcast.



Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee

Podcast Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan

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References mentioned in the podcast:

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