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Episode 4

Choices & Ego






Now that we are finished with our introductory episodes, we are starting to explore the nature and experience of life.  In episode 4, Shaun and James start by discussing the comedian, actor, and painter Jim Carrey's experience and path to self awareness.  Jim Carrey has discussed very honestly and openly about what he thought would bring him happiness and fullfilment (fame, money, power, etc.) did not at all, instead he found sorrow, solitude, and negativity.

Shaun and James talk a lot about choices.  Everything we do in life is ultimately a choice, and we are essentially choosing between the same two choices over and over again.  

Shaun and James give their first, of many, attempts at defining the eog and/or the separate self, versus the true self and how we experience life.  These understandings will change over time with further development of knowing.  James has a period of confusion when discussing the ego, because it can seem so complex.  He was recalling many teachings, which caused a lot of battling within of what to say.  This is a very real moment, and something that may seem confusing to the listeners, however it is a part of the process.  We may not be able to control everything in the external environment, the world, but we can control how we interact with and experience what we call reality. 

Jon also pops in for a few minutes to descirbe a great practice of letting go (around the 40 minute mark).





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References mentioned in the podcast:

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