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Episode 2

Shaun Logan: "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise"






Shaun Logan is the founder of Logan Kinei and co-host of the Logan Kinei Podcast.  In our second episode, Shaun opens up with vulnerability about his story, his experiences that helped shape his approach to life today.  We discuss his experience being shy and full of self doubt, and how that played a huge role throughout his life to date.  We discuss his experiences as an athlete, attending a massive university, graduate school and his education, having a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and his vision to do something different than most.  We also discuss a bit about how Logan Kinei got started and touch on where it is headed.  Shaun has entered realm of working towards self inquiry through all of the experiences in his life, espeically over the past 10 years while working with people with pain/injury, his own injury, and his general tendency to question everything as he is not satisfied with the status quo.



Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee
Podcast Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan
Videos edited by Jon Logan

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