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Episode 12






In our final episode of season 1, James and Shaun reflect on their experience attending an Evening Meeting with Rupert Spira in New York City.  Rupert Spira is a very inspirational teacher for Shaun and James, so this experience was exciting.  We decided to make this the final episode of the season, as it rounds out our experiences nicely from the start of the podcast almost 5 months ago.  This creates a nice arc from the start to now.  We have started to offer workshops, which is going to be our current focus, however we do plan to come back with another season of the Logan Kinei Podcast in the future.  Though we intended to have higher quality audio, production, and editing, it was difficult to do with what we had to work with, so in the future we plan to have a higher production value and add guests into the mix.  In the meantime, continue to follow us on Instagram and at our workshops!


Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee

Podcast Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan

Videos edited by Jon Logan


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References mentioned in the podcast:

Rupert Spira

New York Open Center