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Episode 11






Our apologies for the mic issues at the start of the podcast, it improves a few minutes in, we promise!  


Today, we talk about Sedona, UFO's and Jesus.  Shaun had recently taken a trip to Arizona, where he spent a day in Sedona, one of his most favorite places. He and his wife, Kait, had an incredible trip and a very spiritual encounter with a man at the Airport Vortex.  Shaun discusses the feel and energy that is different in Arizona compared to Philadelphia, and many of the other places he has been in the US.  They discuss synchronisitiy instead of coincidences, and James has been getting more into religious teachings and talks with Jesus.  Jon chimes in with his thoughts on all of this as we go along.  This is our second to last episode of the season!


Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee

Podcast Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan

Videos edited by Jon Logan


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References mentioned in the podcast:

Armchair Expert Podcast: Michael Gervais