Episode 1

James Logan's Story: Path to Spirituality




James Logan is the co-host of the Logan Kinei Podcast.  In our first ever episode, we dive deeper into his story, his experiences that helped shape his approach to life today.  We discuss his experience as a musician, becoming and being a father, experiences with psychedelics, and his progression to his current spiritual path.  Read more about James below.

There is a double intro in this podcast, as it is our first one. Each episode will get better and better.

James has performed professionally as a guitarist in various bands, and as a vocalist for his solo act. He also has a degree in marketing and philosophy. From a young age, James has been inquisitive of the world around him, and this curiosity found its way through the outlet of art, and the appreciation of literature. 

After taking time off from performance to start a family, James became increasingly dedicated to the pursuit of self-realization and self-mastery. Having found resonance with many eastern teachings as well as their western counterparts, James believes that to identify and understand the common thread between the expressions of wisdom therein is to unveil the mysteries of our existence, and adjust one’s lifestyle in accordance.

As a representative of Logan Kinei, James seeks to provide a platform for discussion that can educate, illuminate, and encourage increased awareness.



Music by Jon Logan assisted by Thai Lee
Edited and mixed by James Logan and Jon Logan
Videos edited by Jon Logan

Contact us at inquiries@logankinei.com


References mentioned in the podcast:

Rainbow Painting by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche
A Course in Miracle by Helen Schucman
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
The I Am Discourses by Godfre Ray King
Rupert Spira
Tao te Ching
Bhagvad Ghita