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what do we do  |


We explore the nature and experience of life.

We are Guides


Through our practices and guidance, we provide the doorway knowledge to help you better understand the difference between experiences of the ego, or separate self, and your true Self.

Awareness and self inquiry can be a confusing concepts to understand, but that is where Logan Kinei comes into help.  We understand the connection of the physical mind-body and the world in which we interact to consciousness (or awareness).

When the ego (or separate self) continually attempts to take the reins of our life, your teachers provide guidance and assurance to break through the negativity to continue on the path of self inquiry.


We consider ourselves an alternative to or compliment to conventional western health care.

You gain control over your life when you are able to let go.


Logan Kinei works on deepening your understanding through practices such as:

Mobility, Breathing, Meditation, Discourse, Learning, Journaling, Nature Immersion, Grounding, Music


w h y  |


Most humans tend to think of ourselves as a body with collection of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions.  However, when we actually look at who we are, we discover that those aforementioned things are finite - they do not last, ever.  The all come and go.


You will discover that you are actually something entirely different than all of those.  You are entirely different than what you have always thought you were, but that you are actually exactly who you knew you were all along.  You become what you have always wanted.


Understanding your true nature will reveal infinite potential of possibility - it is Awareness.

The true Self is Awareness that knows no limit.



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Rupert Spira


understanding awareness  |


Awareness = Pure Conciousness = Knowing = Understanding



You will come to an understanding that the ego (or separate self) is simply the way the mind imposes limitations on awareness, your true Self. 

However, you should not look at the ego as a mistake

- and -

You cannot search for the presence of Awareness.


Your attention cannot be drawn to awareness or knowing, it can only be drawn away from Awareness.

- because -

Awareness is infinite and ever-present.


Awareness is the space between thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions.



All experience occurs in Awareness.

Without Awareness, there would be no thoughts, feelings, sensations, or perceptions. No experience.


Often to let go of vastness of attention, we have to start by directing our attention to one thing, such as an intention, the breath, love, a mantra, etc. 

This is a starting point, but over time you will find that actually pulling away from the focus is the ultimate. In bringing our focus to one or a few objective things, we can then get closer to the source, but it is not yet the source.


Only in letting go of who we think we are, will we become aware of being aware.


This is an ongoing process that we take with us throughout life, and once you start to experience it for yourself, you will then want to visit it more often and you will find yourself hanging out there more and more.

When you find the place happiness resides, you can visit it from time to time; and the more you get to know it, the more you want to be there and eventually you just are.





benefits of awareness |


You will find that the symptoms of awareness are the things we long for most — peace and happiness - which are often expressed in love, kindness, and gratitude.


When there is no unhappiness to be found, it is called happiness.


As Rupert Spira says so eloquently, “The goal of life is to find happiness”.


Happiness is not an experience in the body.  Happiness is not a sensation, feeling, perception or thought.  Happiness is ever-present, only to be more or less obscured by the mind at certain times.


When you come to the understanding of your true nature, your true self, you will see that happiness, or peace, or love, or clarity will shine through most. 

These are the states in which you will find yourself being most often, as you progress through to higher levels of understanding.


Awareness is simply being.

Knowing your true self will start to shine through in all experiences in life.  When you are in the perpetual state of being, your mind-body will start to experience your world with more joy, love, clarity, peace, and generosity.



self inquiry  |

Self Inquiry (or Self Enquiry) is about understanding who "I" is when we refer to ourselves as I. 

At the crux of it, self inquiry is asking yourself, “Who am I?”

And then asking “Who is the "I" to which I am referring?”


Stop for a moment.   Who is experiencing what you are experiencing right now?  Who is the one that is truly experiencing right now?

Is your answer, "I am."?

If so, who is "I" that is is experiencing?



In understanding the answers to these questions, we rediscover our true Self, our true nature.

You will do incredible things.



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