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Logan Kinei Nature Experience


Logan Kinei Nature Experience is a wellness experience within the nature of the Outer Cape.  The primary activity is a Nature Walk or Hike on one of the hand picked trails in Provincetown, Truro/N. Truro, Wellfleet, or Eastham.  Some take place on sand dunes, some on beaches, some through the woods.  Each location can be experienced in several ways and durations.  We have some experiences based around sunset, some based around longer more physically challenging terrain, and some based around simply being in nature.  All humans benefit from connection with nature, other people, and one's self -- Logan Kinei Nature Experience provide you with the opportunity to do all three within the diverse beauty of Cape Cod.


Experience Cape Cod Like You Never Have Before


Logan Kinei Nature Experience Includes:

  • Explore the Trails of the Outer Cape!
  • Meet and Greet
  • Mobility
  • Breathwork
  • Nature Walk / Hike
    • First Half Silent - Meditative
    • Half way through come together to have a little talk
    • Second Half - talk or be silent, your choice
  • Connection!
    • Nature
    • People
    • Yourself
      • Disconnect from technology! 


3 out of 5 of Americans report being lonely. Getting away from work and technology to connect with nature and other people has an incredibly positive impact on our life, our community, and our world.


Benefits of being in nature:

  • Immediately lower levels of stress
  • Lower Levels of Inflammation
    • Which is toxic to the body
  • Improves wellbeing
    • Just feel better
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Increases Creativity
  • Improves focus

All just from spending time in nature!



  • 10 people
  • Locations
  • Times Vary - typically 7:30am, 8am, 9am
  • Approx. 1.5-2.5 hours for full experience - $30
  • Approx. 2.5-3.5 hours for full experience - $42
  • All Nature Experiences will be led & guided by Shaun Logan


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Coming in April!


See Safety Guidelines


Popular Add-on:

Logan Kinei 16oz Canteen

  • Logan Kinei 16oz Corkcicle Canteen
    • Available in matte black and a sheen white
    • Available to purchase when you book a Logan Kinei class or experience!





*Please Note:  This is not a guided information or history tour.



Nature Experience | Sunset Beach Walk:


  • Walk
  • Light breathwork
  • Silence
  • Talking
  • BEAUTY of the SUNSET



  • Approx. 1 hour
  • Starting at $25
  • Starts 30 minutes prior to sunset
  • Meet at the appointed location's parking lot






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Coming in April!


See Safety Guidelines




Logan Kinei Mobility Classes


All Mobility Classes are led by Shaun Logan, a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 10 years of experience, and over 20 years of experience in fitness. Logan Kinei Mobility Classes are ideally performed in nature to allow us to connect to our bodies on a deeper level.  While the body is in the spotlight during Mobility Classes, we are working on the body-mind relationship and connecting to nature through movement.  We target the major joints of the body to improve your joint control and range of motion -- with an emphasis of starting where you are right now and building on that to improve your understanding of your body and the ability of your body.


The intention of the classes is to connect you to your body within nature within a group of people working to do the same.  Mobility classes will help guide you to being a better mover, being stronger, and being better at any physical task.


Move, Connect, & Learn!

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Mobility classes focus on simple but super effective joint movements to:

  • Improve:

    • Joint Health
    • Flexibilty
    • Strength
    • Body Awareness
    • Ability to Breathe
  • Reduce:

    • Reduce Pain & Inflammation
    • Chance of Injury
    • Stress in Body
    • Tension in Body



  • Two Class Options
    • Lower Body and Back
      • Spine, Hips, Pelvis, Knees, Ankles, Feet
    • Upper Body and Back
      • Neck and Thoracic Spine, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists
  • 45 minutes
  • 10 people per class limit
  • $25 per class -- CURRENTLY 50% OFF





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See Safety Guidelines


The videos below are examples of movements included in Logan Kinei Mobility Classes.
The videos are sped up 6x.  I also run through the movements much more quickly than will happen in a class. 

Logan Kinei Mobility Class - Upper Body from Shaun Logan on Vimeo.

Logan Kinei Mobility Class - Lower Body from Shaun Logan on Vimeo.

Logan Kinei Breathwork Classes


Breathwork is a group class focused on breathing, something we do about sixteen times per minute or about 23,040 times per day, yet usually give zero attention.  Breathing is literally necessary to sustain life in our bodies in this reality.  Breathwork, which is essentially mindful breathing, has been proven to have many benefits for the body-mind, and connecting to beyond the body-mind. Breathwork is an incredible practice and tool to understand for daily use, as well as digging deeper into and understand how your past is affecting you now.


What is the difference between breathwork and meditation?

In my opinion, breathwork is a form of a meditative practice or a way to get you to meditation.  Read more...

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Benefits of breathwork:


  • Reduce:

    • Fear
    • Stress
    • Pain
    • Anger & Frustration
    • Trauma
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Sadness & Grief
    • Insomnia


  • Open us to:

    • Love
    • Gratitude
    • Peace
    • Openness
    • Clarity
    • Creativity
    • Focus
    • Trust


  • Strengthen:

    • Immune System
    • Diaphragm
      • It is not only the primary breathing muscle, but also an integral piece of your core muscles which work to keep your spine and the rest of your body safe, strong, and mobile
  • Calls To Action:


  • Start to Understand a Sense of Connection to:

    • One's self
    • Other people
    • Nature, Life, Consciousness


More Benefits of Breathwork via Wim Hof

More Science Info on Breathwork via Wim Hof



  • Two Class Options:
    • Breathwork | Daily

      • Starts with Mobility
      • Understanding your breath
      • Bringing Intention to your breath
      • Perform and learn daily breathwork practices to calm yourself and prepare yourself in times of need
    • Breathwork | Deep Dive

      • Starts with Mobility
      • Deeper intentions with your breathing
      • Recognize and transfer energy
      • More intensive breathing practices to go deeper into self exploration
      • Finish with a few mintues of meditation
  • approx. 35-45 minutes
  • 12 person class limit
  • $25 per class -- CURRENTLY 50% OFF





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See Safety Guidelines





Please be aware of associated risks of participating in Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences.  

When you sign up for a class or experience, you will be asked to read and sign our Acknowledgement of Risk form.


  • No guarantee of a spiritual connection, feeling, awakening
  • No guarantee of a connection to yourself or the other people participating
  • No guarantee that you will experience any or all of the benefits associated with Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences
  • You are doing the hike at your own risk, we are not liable for anything that may happen on the way to, during and the way from the hike/nature walk
  • You must be able to walk and keep up a good pace
    • In the event that you can’t, but still want to go, contact us and we will work with you to figure it!
  • You must be cleared and assume all risk and responsibilty that you healthy enough to walk 1-6 miles
  • Water, sunscreen, non-toxic insect repellent, hats, clothing are the individuals responsibility
  • Be aware and agree to the fact that you may encounter wildlife and plant life.
    • Agree to not harm either in any way.
    • Some plants or creatures may be poisonous, such as poison ivy or deer ticks
  • If pregnant, please advise Logan Kinei so modifications can be made for all classes.
    • Some breathing techniques are not known how to affect pregnancy, so we can always modify the practices
    • Some positions for mobility class may not work for you, but we can always modifiy
  • It is your responsibility to inform Logan Kinei about any known health conditions that may affect your ability to safely perform any and all Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences


Important Links for Safety from Cape Cod National Seashore:

When we are within the Cape Cod National Seashore, we must abide by their rules and regulations.

Hiking and Trail Safety
Environmental Hazards - Poison Ivy, Ticks, Browntail Moth Caterpillars
Beach and Water Safety
Shark Safety
Hunting Safety - Hunting is permitted in certain areas at certain times
  • Such as “Spring Turkey Hunt at Cape Cod National Seashore” - April 27-May 16, 2020
    • “State regulations restrict turkey hunting to Monday through Saturday, from one half-hour before sunrise until noon. These regulations will apply in the national seashore as well.”



Other Info:


All Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences that are held outside are rain or shine.  Events of lightening, high winds, or other threatening weather will be handled on a situational, case by case basis.  However, please do not expect refunds.  All refunds and cancellations are subject to Logan Kinei's discretion and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Thank you!



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