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intro workshops  |


Join us on an exploration into the unknown, deep within yourself, that will start to change the way you view life -- 

elevating self confidence, inspiration, understanding, while sparking creativity and untapped possibility.


Self Inquiry

mobility & breathing | meditation & discourse

8 -10am



Saturday, May 18

Saturday, June 1

Saturday, June 8

Saturday, June 15

Saturday, June 22

Saturday, June 29






Performance Garage

1515 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia PA 19130

Spring Garden/Art Museum/Fairmount Area




innovation workshops | 

creative exploration

July 17, 2019


Private Event


comprehensive workshops  |

self exploration within nature

Fall 2019

Tyler Arboretum

Details Coming Soon





workshops |

Logan Kinei Classes and Workshops follow our approach of:

mobility | breath work | meditation | discourse



We start mobility, as it is furthest from the source, followed by breathing, meditation and discourse.



With mobility, you are taking your attention from those 10 billion things, and focusing just on the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions associated with your body and movement.  Being with your body in the moment of those simple, yet challenging, movements will give you a glimpse into awareness and allow you to learn


Next, we move into breath work to fine tune your focus even further.  Slowing down more, and simply just being the now with your breath.  The movement is concentrated even more only the movement of breathing. 


Then, we draw on the awareness gained from mobility and breath work to practice meditation. With the meditation, you are simply working to let go.  We will guide you with intention to get closer to the source. 


Finally, we finish with a Q&A Discussion. This is where you put your entire experience together.  We all open up to each other and gain a deeper understanding.



More About Each Practice

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intensive workshops |


Self Inquiry Practices

3 - 4  Hours




Upcoming Workshops


Coming Soon!






Pleast, let us know if you are interested in a workshop or retreat with Logan Kinei.

We are working hard to get these started, but it is helpful to know.



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