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COVID-19 Protocol


We are sympathetic and understanding to any and all concerns in regards COVID-19.

If you are interested in a Logan Kinei Nature Experience in any and all possible ways, please contact us with all questions or concerns that you may have.  Hopefully we can answer some of your questions below.

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Logan Kinei's Steps to Mitigate Spread COVID-19


1. Breathing in, moving in, and simply being in Nature is the answer, remedy, and prevetion to so many issues and questions that we as humans have today.  This was true before COVID-19. This is true with COVID-19.  And this will be true once COVID-19 is no longer as big of a threat.
Therefore, during our Nature Experiences we recommend not wearing masks so that we can breathe in the diversity and healing powers of nature to boost your immunity and impove overal function in body and mind.  This means, that we all agree to maintain a distance from those who are not in our regular social circle.
*If your preference is to wear masks the entire time, please let us know.


2. With that being said, we require everyone on the Nature Experience to have a mask.  In the event that we are not able to social distance from eachother or other people on the trails, beaches, and so forth, we put the masks on and then simply take them off again.
Being outside in itself significantly reduces the risk of getting or passing on COVID-19.


3. We are only accepting PRIVATE or FAMILY NATURE EXPERIENCES at this time, so that you have the comfort in knowing and choosing the people in your group.
Only your guide, me (Shaun Logan), will potentially be unknown to you and your group.
4. We recommend starting early in the morning to avoid other groups of people.  There are significantly more people out when starting after 9am.
5. No touching is necessary, unless the event of some unforeseen emergency.


6. If you book a tour and have to cancel due to COVID-19 related issues, we are happy to reschedule to a later date or cancel at no charge.


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Thank you!