"If it wasn't such a loaded word, I would be tempted to call Shaun a guru."

- Fabrice Paget

(client for 4 years)

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LOGAN KINEI GUIDE -- is health, wellness, and life guide.  This includes Mindful Movement Training, and much more. In-person and Remote



Observing Experience is my blog where I write about my experiences, challenges, thoughts, and so on to pass along my understanding and perspective with the intention of inspiring others to question and change their lives.




Together, we do this through:

The Body - Movement Training (Physical Therapy x Personal Training)

The Mind - Mindfulness is included in everything we do

The Beyond - Self Inquiry and Life Exploration 




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Logan Kinei Wellness & Nature Experiences

Nature Walks

  • Mobility Warm-up

  • Connection! with people & nature & yourself

  • Meditative Walk/Hike in Nature

  • Discourse with the group

  • Light Breathwork and Mobility to Finish

  • No Technology!

  • 10 Person Limit

  • 90 minutes to 3 hours


Location Varies:
All on Outer Cape Cod |
Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro/N. Truro, Provincetown


See Event Calendar for Location, Date & Time

Group Mobility Class


Coming Soon

Human Interaction


Coming Soon

Logan Kinei Guide: Private

Health & Wellness Guide
Physical Therapy & Fitness Training



By Appointment Only

Outer and Lower Cape Cod

Self inquiry is the path to discovering awareness.  It is asking yourself, “Who am I?” And then asking “Who is the I to which I am referring?”. Continually asking "Is this essential to my true nature?"  In understanding the answers to these questions, we find our true Self, our true nature.


Awareness includes an understanding of the body-mind, that results in a state of happiness, peace, and freedom.


In doing so, we change the way we interact with other humans, nature, and the world at large.  
Read more about this on OBSERVING EXPERIENCE.

Logan Kinei Guide Consultation Subscription

With Unlimited E-mail/Text Correspondance with Shaun for $15/Month

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Events Calendar | 2020


MARCH 2020

Nature Walk - Saturday, March   7 - 9am, Location TBD

Nature Walk - Saturday, March 14 - 9am, Location TBD

Nature Walk - Saturday, March 21 - 9am, Location TBD

Nature Walk - Saturday, March 28 - 9am, Location TBD


APRIL 2020

Nature Walk | Saturday, April 4 | 8am, Location TBD

Nature Walk | Sunday, April 5 | 9am, Location TBD


Nature Walk | Saturday, April 11 | 8am, Location TBD


Nature Walk | Saturday, April 17 | 8am, Location TBD

Nature Walk | Sunday, April 19 | 9am, Location TBD


Nature Walk | Saturday, April 25 | 8am, Location TBD

Nature Walk | Sunday, April 26 | 9am, Location TBD

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