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"If it wasn't such a loaded word, I would be tempted to call Shaun a guru."
- Fabrice Paget







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Logan Kinei is my way to guide others by woking with them intimately.


MINDFUL MOVEMENT TRAINING -- A guide to performing excercises that will make you confident, strong, mobile, happy, and healthy.  This is IN-PERSON training


LOGAN KINEI GUIDE -- is 100% ONLINE/REMOTE health and wellness coaching.  This includes Mindful Movement Training, and much more.




Observing Experience is my blog where I write about my experiences, challenges, thoughts, and so on to pass along my understanding and perspective with the intention of inspiring others to question and change their lives.


Together, we do this through:

The Body - Movement Training (Physical Therapy x Personal Training)

The Mind - Mindfulness is included in everything we do

The Beyond - Self Inquiry and Spiritual Exploration (non-religious)


I will work with you on any one area, two or all three areas of focus.  Whatever you are ready for!

Self inquiry is the path to discovering awareness.  It is asking yourself, “Who am I?” And then asking “Who is the I to which I am referring?”. Continually asking "Is this essential to my true nature?"  In understanding the answers to these questions, we find our true Self, our true nature.


Awareness includes an understanding of the body-mind, that results in a state of happiness, peace, and freedom.


In doing so, we change the way we interact with other humans, nature, and the world at large.  
Read more about this on OBSERVING EXPERIENCE.





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