, 55 y.o. Comcast VP, Philadelphia, PA
(February 2017)

Shaun, and Logan Kinei, is amazing! I was suffering from lingering immobility and pain from a herniated disc in my neck, despite 3 months of traditional PT. With targeted exercises, the pain is gone, my mobility and strength are back. And, best of all, my energy is back! For those workout warriors who are 50+ like me -- Logan Kinei is the answer!

, 53 y.o. Court Administrator, Philadelphia, PA
(January 2017)

Shaun, and Logan Kinei, is nothing short of amazing. I started working with him when he was associated with Philly Personal Trainers and have been working with him for almost a year now. I'm a middle-aged woman with a history of three hip surgeries, and the resulting muscle weakness screwed up my gait, my body dynamics and my lower back.  I would follow Logan Kinei anywhere as he's made me strong enough to walk easily without limping for the first time in decades; I recently participated in a rally for the first time in years, standing for over an hour without pain. I've tried other physical therapists - NovaCare Washington Square, JeffFIT, Excel (twice) and ReBalance - but nothing yielded results. Once at Excel, I even developed bursitis and left feeling worse than when I started.

Logan Kinei was different from the start. He listened carefully, he watched carefully, he asked questions, he analyzed, and then he prescribed stretches and exercises that targeted my weaknesses while accounting for my abilities. He made sure I understood that it would be a long road but he has inspired and encouraged me along the way. He guides me just to the point where I build strength without injuring myself and keeps me there until I'm ready to go further.

Personally, Shaun is a pleasure to work with. He's straightforward, kind, gentle, firm, interesting, and extremely well organized and professional. I credit Logan Kinei with making me feel more fit and able than I did a decade ago.

, 54 y.o. Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA
(May 2016)

Cheers, and I mean every word!


I really loved my 3 months of working out with Shaun on a weekly basis.  I feel very fortunate to have connected with him, as I was looking for a rational and holistic approach to confronting the physical fallout of menopause and aging and in general. I was a long-time member of the Sporting Club, but in recent years my habits began to change, I rarely went to the gym anymore. Some months went by and I could no longer justify the ongoing expense of an underused gym membership. I needed to find a new approach, so I committed to a 3 month package of weekly learning and training sessions with Shaun.  My goal was to come away with a sustainable workout plan that would take me through the next 6-9 months. 

I am so happy with what I accomplished, and more importantly, what I learned, while working with Shaun.  He is articulate, intelligent, affable and respectful.  I came to the studio with specific goals for our time together.  Now I am equipped with confidence and knowledge to continue moving and living well. I also have a detailed workout plan, along with videos of me doing the moves, that I will refer to throughout the summer months as I continue to do my workouts on my own. I will most certainly work with Shaun in the future to build on the progress I’ve made, and I consider it an excellent investment in self-care.

, 68 y.o. retired, Philadelphia, PA
(April 2016)

For years I had been unsuccessful in finding the right person with whom I could work out. Personal trainers at the gyms seemed geared to working with people who are already fit. Although I look fit, I have a lot of underlying issues, which took someone with Shaun’s unique skills to understand. I love the fact that not only is Shaun a personal trainer but he is trained as a physical therapist as well. As it turned out, that is the type of unique “skill set” I needed.

For years I have been plagued with lower back “issues” due to some injuries incurred years ago. So, in order to minimize any pain or discomfort, I stopped bending. In fact, I developed a fear of bending forward. But, that is the thing about life. Things that you try to avoid eventually catch up with you. So, for the last year or more, I have been experiencing more back “issues” as my movements have gotten more restricted and my back muscles have slowly got tighter and tighter.

I started working out with Shaun in early December of 2015 so it has been almost five months now. My progress has been slow but steady. Shaun is helping me build a core “foundation” from which I can feel more confident that I can move without injury.

And that is why Shaun is so special. He looked closely at my issues and developed a workout plan just for me.

So, if there is anyone out there with movement issues, I would say that Shaun is your guy. I am not saying that he would not be a good trainer for just about anyone but, if you are like me and have certain movement “issues or fears” - there is help out there!

, Musician - Philadelphia, PA (October 2015)

(Update - January 2017): Since continuing working with Shaun at Logan Kinei, I have gained much more range of motion, and painlessness while performing music. I also have much more stability in other daily activities, and am aware at all times of proper posture and centering of gravity. Logan Kinei has added a great deal to my overall quality of life with his specific attention and expertise.

(Original)I have had chronic issues with sciatica, shoulder pain, and neck strain for 20+ years. I have been an instrumental musician since I was 4 years old, so it's likely the inherent imbalance in what I do for much of the day is the cause of my discomfort. I am also the mother of young children and that includes stroller pushing, kid lifting, running around and all kinds of stresses on the body. At any rate, I've been to lots of physical therapy, massage therapy, myofascial release, etc., and while I find some relief, the pain has never gone away for good.

So facing my 40th year and upon advice from my physician, I decided to become more pro active about taking control of my overall condition and general aging. I found Shaun and started working with him in February of 2015. First, he listened carefully to my goals and history, then tested my strength and movement. In the first few sessions I realized he is knowledgable without being pedantic, detail oriented, and very focused on form, precision of motion, and progress. Those qualities are so important to me. There is a ton of quick health and fitness information available out there on the internet, and much of it doesn't have details and/or stops making sense once you start to delve deeper. Shaun is opinionated about health and doesn't hesitate to call out the bs when he feels it! He is very aware of keeping the physical challenge right and not pushing too hard. I am not well coordinated but he works with me at my level very naturally.

As a client I feel I have been progressing slowly, which is fine with me. I still have some soreness and pain during busy performance periods but feel an overall shift in my understanding of how and why my body feels the way it does. It is empowering to know how to move smarter, not worrying about exacerbating issues, and feel my work stamina increase. I feel that training sessions are an investment in my career longevity, enjoyment of old(er) age, and a worthy time to concentrate on my overall wellbeing.

, 29 y.o. Actuary - Philadelphia, PA (November, 2015)

I had been experiencing lower back pain from any physical activity or prolonged sitting for the past few years and had been in and out of physical therapy with limited success. I met Shaun at a seminar on back pain and his focus on movement patterns and re-training the body immediately appealed to me. We immediately started a program focusing on small movements to activate my core and legs in order to take pressure off my back. Shaun does an excellent job of starting with simple movements and progressing to more complicated exercises each week in order to integrate new movement patterns. I am now at the point where I can play basketball again and my back has never been better. After six months of working with Shaun, we are continuing to progress my fitness level while maintaining a healthy back, and continuing to work on shoulder and knee issues that I have also had for years.

The biggest difference between working with Shaun and working with previous physical therapists is that Shaun focuses on incremental changes and building a foundation for success. In my experience many physical therapists focus on the end result (A strong core and pain free back in my case), but ignore the underlying issues that caused the pain in the first place. Shaun is very good at analyzing the origin of the problem and coming up with a program that empowers the client to gain usable strength and move pain free. My quality of life has vastly improved since I started working with Shaun and would give him my highest recommendation.

, High School Senior – Football Kicker – Washington Twp., NJ – (Jan. 2015)

In mid August I noticed I was starting to get a pain in my lower groin area while kicking/running. I ignored it for a little and kept working out and kicking (football). I then went to the (high school athletic) trainers to let them know, long story short they diagnosed me with apophysitis in my hip area, when in reality I had a sports hernia(diagnosed by Dr.Franks). But I ended up doing endless rehab with them for about two months and every time we would go to see if I could kick I couldn’t because I would still have the same pain from before. Whatever they had me doing obviously wasn’t working and might have hurt me even worse, so I stopped going to them. My mom then told me about a physical therapist and how good he was and I said why not. After he examined my injury and I told him everything and he did all the tests, he came up with a plan immediately on how we were gonna tackle the injury and recover from it and become stronger then ever. Shaun told me everything I had going on and he made me write down all the exercises we ever did to work on between sessions. Through out each therapy session I noticed my hip/groin gaining its strength back, and I was feeling really good. The exercises he had me doing helped a lot. We hit the muscles in body that were weak because of the injury and strengthened them. Honestly, after the first 2-3 sessions with Shaun I was feeling better then 2 months with the trainer. Through out the weeks of therapy, the sessions would become more intense and more difficult but I was okay with that because I had a goal in mind and I wanted to to achieve it. I could have given up after the 2 months with the trainer but I gave it one more chance, and I’m so happy I did. I can’t thank Shaun enough for working with me. Currently I’m doing very well and my hip my feels amazing. I have no trouble with kicking or running. I’m kicking almost 2-3 times a week and running 4 times a week and working out almost everyday. My body feels amazing and I will definitely be doing more sessions. Thanks for everything Shaun.

, 56 y.o. Administrative Assistant - Washington Twp., NJ (December, 2014)

I had been in pain since I was in my 20s. Three herniated/ruptured lumbar discs have caused most of my pain. Continually trying to avert the pain with prescription drugs, epidurals (steroid injections), pain patches, physical therapy, water therapy, and yoga was a constant in my life. When you are in pain for a number of years, you sometimes accept this as a way of life. I was exhausted, and literally just trying to get through the day. However pain is not and should not be considered inevitable. In September of 2013 I tore the gluteus medius muscle and through examination by an orthopedic doctor, it was determined I had trochanteric bursitis and iliotibial band syndrome. Who knows if this was all related? I couldn’t walk, go up or down steps, sleep or even get out of the car or up from my chair without extreme pain.

When the orthopedic doctor insisted I go to physical therapy, I wasn’t happy about it. I had tried physical therapy on several occasions, without long term relief. I happened upon Shaun Logan. I went into therapy with an open mind because I was too young to give up. However, the main thing that motivated me was becoming a grandmother for the first time. I worried about losing my balance and not having the strength or stamina to help take care of my grandson.

Working with Shaun is a combination of physical therapy and personal training. Shaun Logan has a wealth of knowledge regarding the human body and movement. He worked patiently and carefully with me slowly helping me to engage muscles that I really didn’t know I had. It all makes sense when you think about the muscles holding up the bones. Muscles need to be engaged in order for the bones to move and propel your body.

I have come so far during this time. I have NO pain in my body. I walk without pain. I get out of chairs without grunting. I can actually jump off steps. Also important is that I don’t take pain medicine nor do I use pain patches. I think more clearly and the best part is I’m happy and I really do have my life back. The only thing that makes me sad is how many years of pain I endured before embarking on this journey with Shaun.

I am truly from my heart, forever grateful to have this opportunity to work with Shaun.

, 26 y.o Neurophysiologist, Philadelphia, PA
(December 2015)

While I might not fit the profile of your typical athlete, throughout my life I have been incredibly active in various forms of dance. Unfortunately, the thing that was my passion also lead to significant wear and tear on my body. After dislocating both patellas several times and breaking both of my feet on separate occasions, I was experiencing tons of discomfort from my hips down through my feet when attempting most forms of cardio and weight training. I also found myself getting bored and losing motivation with the few fitness routines that I had found that worked for me. I came to Shaun not only for help reaching my fitness goals, but for motivation and guidance on how to make my body work efficiently and effectively.

I realized on New Year’s Eve 2014 that I was serious about getting a fresh start. I’d finally get myself in tip top shape and feel great about my body. Previous injuries had me struggling to find workouts that suited my needs, and ultimately I felt stuck.

Shaun has turned out to be the impetus in my ability to achieve the goals I set for the new year when so many people often fall behind. In the last year that I’ve been working with him, I have seen and felt incredible changes in how my body is operating. The majority of the pain in my knees is gone, and I’m able to run short distances with little to no pain at all. I have seen muscle growth over most of my body, and every day I’m feeling stronger than before. My clothes fit better, and I truly am feeling better about myself inside and out.

I feel as though Shaun has helped me build my body from the ground up, working first on tiny intrinsic muscles and then slowly adding in larger muscle groups as the year has progressed. By doing this we are able to make sure my body is working properly which helps minimize pain and prevent further injury. If I come across any ache, pain, strange muscle soreness or anything even remotely related to how my body is working, Shaun is able to think it through and come back with an exercise or stretch that will help to fix or relieve whatever discomfort I am feeling. Shaun is incredibly intelligent and passionate about his work, and it shows in how much he cares for his clients and how willing he is to share his knowledge with us whether it be via email, text message, or in person. He is able to continually explain the ins and outs of why we’re doing what we’re doing, why I’m having pain, and how I can improve.

While many people tend to be January joiners and never see the gym again after setting lofty goals, Shaun has helped me to set achievable goals, but more than this he has walked beside me as I have pushed myself to be stronger and better every day. Perhaps the greatest advantage to working with him is the fact that I have constantly felt motivated and supported knowing that I am not working at this alone. Shaun’s support has driven me, motivated me, encouraged me, and inspired me so that heading into the end of 2015 I can look back on this year and only be proud of what I have achieved and excited to see what lies ahead.