Logan Kinei is a proactive business. At Logan Kinei we do not differentiate between physical therapy and fitness training. In reality, they are one in the same, as the only factor that matters is you, the individual. We focus on your needs to reach your goals for a desired fitness level, primarily through movement.

At Logan Kinei, we focus on movement. Your quality of movement is the most important aspect when starting and progressing with any form of training. It is imperative to have quality before you can focus on quantity. Logan Kinei’s principles are focused on your long-term success. We do have one goal that we want you to achieve quickly and maintain throughout….to Feel Good!

One thing that sets Logan Kinei apart, is our ability to start you, our client, at your true starting level. Whether you are injured, in pain, or neither, we are able to assess and address any problematic issues to build the most solid foundation from which you are able to thrive. Starting properly is imperative to sustaining or getting to a healthy pain-free level of movement and fitness. We don’t just give you exercises that look cool, we teach you. We work with you to produce movement patterns that improve the capacity of your body to reduce your chances for pain and injury, which in turn will improve your performance and fitness.

Let's be honest, pain and injury is inevitable for humans. Often, jobs and daily routines are full of repetitive movements that over time cause tissues in the body and movement patterns to change. We are always moving in different and unexpected ways as part of our daily lives. Both are recipes for pain and injury. We understand this at Logan Kinei and are able to start addressing any new problems right away before they become bigger issues.

Logan Kinei are human movement specialists working with you to maximize your movement for what you need and want. No single input can lead to a lasting change. It takes multiple inputs over a period of time for lasting changes and results. Simple movements correctly performed repeatedly are key to positive outcomes and progressions. Simple does not mean easy, but movement and exercises should not be over-complicated. Success truly relies on the ability to learn how to integrate new movement patterns into your daily lives and activities.

Whatever you are doing at any given moment, your brain is getting better at doing it. Whether or not it's lasting and whether or not it’s good is another story. New activities create new movement patterns and tendencies. Thus, it is important to know what you are doing is correct and not harmful.

Working with Logan Kinei covers movement and mobility development, physiotherapy, personal fitness training, pain/injury avoidance and recovery, for athletes and non-athletes.

We do things differently.

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