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Logan Kinei is movement and human education.

Kinei: Greek kī́nēsis movement, equivalent to kīnē-, verbid stem of kīneîn to move

"I do not call it fitness, performance, physical therapy, or training because I do not believe in a label. What I do encompasses all of those.

‘Kinei’ means ‘to move’ and Logan Kinei is all about movement.

We are human movement specialists and we do things a bit differently."

Shaun Logan, Founder


logan kinei

Movement Education

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We work with You.

“We specialize in working with people who have or have had pain and injuries that prevent them from doing what they want, whatever it may be. Our clients want to start getting into fitness but don't know how or what to do; because every time they try to get back into it, they end up in pain or injury again. We know how to handle those circumstances. We work together to challenge our clients at their level and then progress (or regress) appropriately. This approach is not necessarily sexy and takes time, but it works. We teach people about their bodies.

One of the greatest factors in overcoming pain and injury is how the individual is thinking about life and not allowing the pain to rule over all else. We help people figure out their stresses in life and to approach their daily lives differently to help push beyond the limitations. To move freely and be happy."

- Shaun Logan, Founder

We do things differently.

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Services offered


Logan Kinei Assessment

A full body movement assessment to determine a training/treatment starting point.

All assessments are performed in-person // Up to 120 minutes


Logan Kinei Movement Training

Follow-up Sessions

Up to 60 minutes - Learn - Move - Practice - Train - Fitness


Pain - Injury

Monthly Plans Starting at $99-120 per session

Per Session Plans at $125-155 per session

Please contact for full list of pricing and package options


Contact Us

Please contact Logan Kinei to find out more information, as well as complete pricing for all services. We will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange your assessment with Shaun Logan and answer any questions.

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The Residences at Versailles

1530 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Rittenhouse Square

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